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The Caribbean Connection

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At Tropical Sun, we are extremely proud of our Caribbean connection.

We have been producing products in Jamaica, St Lucia, Trinidad and other Caribbean countries as far back as the early 90s, when we began importing a few specialist ingredients and daily essentials for the UK’s thriving ethnic communities, in particular our brothers and sisters from The Caribbean. As word spread within these communities, we began receiving more requests for specific items from home: spices, oils, drinks and snacks that helped people stay connected to their cultures. The food helped to bring people together – and this made us very happy!

Tropical Sun Caribbean Video Shoot

What are the origins of Tropical Sun?

Having started as a Caribbean food specialist, we’ve since expanded our offering to include foods from many sunshine countries such as Thailand, USA and Peru. We are a UK company and our staff come from many backgrounds including the Caribbean, India, Nigeria, Turkey, Vietnam and, of course: the UK.

What does Tropical Sun do to support Caribbean communities?

Over the past two decades spent producing high quality foods at affordable prices, we have created thousands of jobs across the Caribbean, particularly in and around our HACCP approved, ISO 14001 certified factory in Central Village, Jamaica. The factory plays an active role in supporting and developing the local community, employing over 200 locals as part of the Tropical Sun Family.  


Tropical Sun Factory in Central Village, Kingston, Jamaica

We have been involved in various Caribbean community projects including supporting the African Caribbean Leukaemia Trust (ACLT) who help to provide blood, stem cell and organ donation assistance to patients living with blood cancer and other illnesses.

ACLT blood donation - http://aclt.org/

We have provided funding to St Anne’s Catholic Church in Kingston, supporting their wonderful community feeding program that helps take care of the most vulnerable members of the local community. 

St Anne's Church Kingston Jamaica - Tropical Sun

And as part of our 21st birthday celebrations, we are currently working towards raising £21,000 for upgrades to White Marl Primary School and Jose Marti Technical High School in Jamaica. So, we're keeping busy, but there's always room for us to do more! 

Traditionally, we’ve been inclined to keep our community and charity work fairly low-key; viewing it as a private social enterprise, but in response to inquiries from our customers, we will publish details of our community work on our blog and social media accounts, so that our customers can get a better sense of where we’re coming from.

We welcome suggestions of positive community projects we can involve ourselves in, and so if you have any such suggestions or questions that have not yet been answered, you can submit them to us via our contact page.


One love. x

The Tropical Sun Family

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