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Tropical Sun has the largest range of tropical products of any food brand in the UK, but Guinness just won’t give us an official world record, no matter how many times we attempt to bribe them with food baskets! But, in the joy of others lies our own, so let us celebrate some of the best tropical food world records together!


Amedonou Kankue Eats 10 Bhut Jolokia Chillies in a Time of 30.70 Seconds

A Jolokia Chilli is known to be 400 times spicier than Tobasco sauce. It took only 30 seconds for Amedonou Kankue to chew and swallow 10 of these ridiculously flaming chillies! Would you dare to try this?!

Fancy a less intense chili experience of your own? Check out our range of hot pepper sauces



The ‘Dragon’s Breath’ Chilli Confirmed as World’s Hottest at 2.48 Million Scoville Heat Units

Invented in Wales, of all places, the Dragon’s Breath Chilli has recently been confirmed as the world’s spiciest chilli, scoring a whopping 2.48 million Scoville heat units! Justifying its ominous name, eating the chilli would burn your airways, and the oils are so powerful they can be used to numb your skin!


Most Coconuts Smashed Around a Person While Blindfolded in One Minute

Our first question… WHY?! Our second question… WHY salt in the eyes?!? As if the challenge was not hard enough already!

Heroes Karamjit Singh and Kawaljit Singh managed to smash precisely 35 coconuts and 0 humans in this ultra-risky, ultra-pointless and ultra-awesome world record feat.

We are not quite as daring (or wasteful) as Karamjit and Kawaljit, but we do crack many coconuts, so if you’re loco for that coco, then head on over to our store for the UK’s largest range of coconut products!

UFC Fighter Drinks a Litre of Lemon Juice through a Straw in 22.75 Seconds

When he’s not throwing opponents around the famous ‘Octagon’, UFC fighter Dennis Bermudez can be found drinking lemon juice in record breaking time!

When life gave this warrior lemons, lemonade did not make the agenda! When life gives us lemons, we just squeeze and bottle them! 

Do you think you could break any of these records?! Let us know via social media!

With love x

The Tropical Sun Family

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