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Solomon Gundy

Solomon Gundy

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Solomon Gundy is a spicy smoked herring paste that is customarily eaten on crackers or bread, similar to a paté.

It is a Jamaican Speciality made from a blend of smoked herrings, hot peppers and seasonings.

The fish paste is traditionally eaten on crackers as an appetizer and it's smokey fish flavour adds depth to any seafood or pasta dish and great for party dips.

To create a tasty dip, mix our Solomon Gundy with some mayonnaise, yoghurt or cream cheese and serve with vegetables or crackers, whilst some of us combine this with butter or cheese and eat it with bread or breadfruit.

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Customer Reviews

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Frances Carter
My Solomom Gundy response.

The response time was really good and the items were sensibly and securely packed. My thanks to all involved!

Loriea Campbell
Not great

Whilst the customer service was great this product was underwhelming, lacking a traditional taste. The texture was very trashy and the product was dry.

Dave Gallagher
Not how I remember it

This version seems to have a weird, 'cottony' texture. I experimented by mixing it with various things and eventually got something that was closer to how I remembered it.

Solomon Gundy - delivery good, product not so much

The order was well wrapped and delivered in good time. The seal was broken on one of the jars and the lid had popped.

Douglas Hughes
Tropical sunshine in the yard

Just as the title says sunshine in a jar

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