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As well as pursuing our passion: bringing The Flavours of the World to Your Table, we pride ourselves on our work with local and international communities.

Traditionally, we’ve been inclined to keep our community and charity work fairly low-key, but in response to inquiries from customers, we’ve decided to publish details of relevant activities on this blog. New updates will be posted to the top of the page at regular intervals.

If you are keen to get involved in any of our projects, or if you’d like to put forward ideas, feedback or questions, we’d love to hear from you - please do get in touch via our contact page.

'Classrooms for Jamaica', Central Village, Jamaica

Happy kids playing at White Marl School, Central Village.

We employ 200 staff at our Central Village site where we produce many of our signature products including Jerk Seasoning, Ackee and Callaloo.

A tight-knit community, many of the employees live in the local area, and their children tend to go to one of two neighbourhood schools: White Marl Primary School and Jose Marti Technical High School, both of which underwent extensive renovations as part of Tropical Sun’s 21st Birthday Celebrations.

White Marl Primary School, which houses 1,300 pupils aged 4-10, was fitted out with cupboards in the guidance council department and a security guard post with toilet facilities.

White Marl Primary School

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A happy security guard no longer having to sit in the hot sun

Security guard hut once completed.

Jose Marti Technical High School

Jose Marti Technical High School, which offers valuable vocational training including auto mechanics, information technology and drafting benefited from extensive refurbishments to the lecture theatre, junior staff room and junior school classroom.

Including fixing holes in the roof, reupholstering 180 chairs and installing partitions to block open space atop classroom dividing walls.

Tropical Sun JA School Building Classroom walls before partitioning.

Tropical Sun JA School Building Classroom walls during partitioning.

Tropical Sun JA School Building Classroom walls after partitioning.

Tropical Sun JA School Building Classroom walls after partitioning.


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Woodgrange Baptist Church Food Bank, London, UK

Woodgrange Baptist Church in Forest Gate, East London, are renowned for being welcoming to people of all faiths – and for their work in the local community, which includes hosting a soup kitchen and food bank to care for those most desperately in need.

Tropical Sun is  proud to provide support for their food bank in the form of regular donations of foods including tinned meat and fish, soups and peanut butter.

For more information on the church, visit http://www.woodgrangebaptist.org.uk/

Guru Nanak Home for Children, Ranchi, India 

The Guru Nanak Home for Children was founded in 1970 to treat and rehabilitate handicapped children. Having taken care of over 36,000 patients with severe and complicated illnesses such as polio, they have fitted over 550 artificial limbs and supplied over 10,900 orthotic appliances, bringing some much-needed quality of life to those most desperately in-need.

We are proud to have provided financial support to this wonderful project for the past decade - and will undoubtedly continue to do so for the coming decade.

To support the Guru Nanak Home for Children, visit http://www.gurunanakhome.org/take_a_tour.htm

Our love and deepest appreciation to the fantastic Anne Heslop for her beautiful photos of the patients at the Guru Nanak Home for Children. See her work and support her art at http://www.anneheslop.co.uk

African Caribbean Leukaemia Trust (ACLT), UK

The ACLT provide blood, bone marrow and organ donation assistance to patients living with blood cancer and other illnesses.

In 2013, we launched an on-pack campaign to help drive donations from African, Caribbean and Asian communities. Information stickers were stuck to the lids of our Coconut Peanuts, not only directly encouraging donations, but also wider conversations about health and the need for communities to build a culture of blood, bone marrow and organ donation.

In 2018, we were honoured to attend the ACLT's 'Gift of Life' Ball, and were overjoyed that our cricket bat signed by the legendary West Indies ‘90s team sold for £850 at auction. 

Marfo Children Care Foundation (MCCF), Tema, Ghana

The Marfo Care Foundation was founded by Adwoa Yeboah-Marfo, a woman with a great passion for caring for children in need. 

Following the death of her husband Yaw, Adwoa decided to remodel her home to accommodate 8 children in need, raising them as members of her own family, providing them with spiritual guidance, access to education and the momentum to build bright futures for themselves and others. 

With Tropical Sun's support, the MCCF will be building a new house where this wonderful family can grow together and continue to inspire the world around them. 

Pearl Support Network for Sufferers of Dementia, UK

The Pearl Support Network was founded by brothers Karl and Junior in honour of their mother Pearl, who lived with dementia for over 10 years and passed away in June 2016.

The project is in the development stages and aims to provide culturally sensitive support services for dementia sufferers from the traditionally underrepresented Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) communities.

Tropical Sun is providing Pearl Support with financial assistance and the input of our skilled and passionate team, several of whom have had personal experiences with dementia. 

For more information, or to offer your support, please visit: https://pearlsupportnetwork.org.uk/  

Pearl Support Network_Tropical Sun

Allowing Christ To Shine (ACTS) Ministries Feed The Homeless, Birmingham, UK

Allowing Christ To Shine (ACTS) Ministries and their team of wonderful volunteers spent a day feeding the homeless in Birmingham City Centre. Tropical Sun were honoured to provide food and drinks to this noble cause, and we hope to be working with ACTS on more projects going forward. 

Bethel Church, Bristol, UK  

Bethel Church is a community church in the heart of St. George, Bristol.

They provide support for local residents from an array of backgrounds, and so we were very proud to be invited to present to their congregation, and provide assistance for their 'Royal Kidz' childrens' programme. 

To learn more about Bethel Church, including how to support their work, visit: https://www.bethelchurchbristol.org/

Hurricane Maria Relief, Dominica

Hurricane Maria Support_Tropical Sun

Sickle Cell Society, UK 

The Sickle Cell Society supports and represents people affected by sickle cell disease to improve their overall quality of life.

Founded in 1979, the society has helped thousands of individuals and families over the past three decades, and so we're incredibly proud to be able to help enhance their vital work through financial support, providing service users with health-sustaining Tropical Sun products such as coconut oil and coconut water, and promoting awareness of sickle cell via our extensive on-pack and in-store networks. 

Adopt a Clinic, Jamaica

We are proud to be working with Adopt a Clinic to fund some much needed upgrades to health clinics across Jamaica, where we’ve been producing traditional foods since 1996.

We’ve recently confirmed our involvement with this wonderful project and are in the process of determining which clinic we’ll be adopting. More details to follow in the near future.

To support the project, visit https://adoptaclinicjamaica.co.uk/

Adopt a Clinic Cheque Presentation Tropical Sun

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We are in the process of adding more of our projects, some of which date back many years, to this blog. If you're keen to find out more, or send us feedback, suggestions or questions, please get in touch via our contact page.

With love,

The Tropical Sun Family

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