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Dutch Pot

Dutch Pot

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The humble Dutch Pot is loved the world over and has been used in cooking for centuries! Affectionately known as a ‘Dutchie’, its legend was elevated to new heights by the 1982 song ' Pass the Dutchie' by British Jamaican reggae band, Musical Youth.

Cast from aluminium in a traditional style, our round-bottom Dutch Pots come in 6 sizes, from small (20cm) to super king (40cm), and are equipped with heavy-duty lids. 

Whether on the stove, over coals or in the oven, the Dutch Pot can be used to cook almost anything – stews, roasts, lasagna, cakes, brisket, bread, curries… the possibilities are endless!

Most commonly associated with Caribbean cooking, the Dutch Pot is an essential item in kitchens the world over and has many different names including Dutch Oven, Pateela (Asia), Cocottes (France), Tetsunabe (Japan), Sač (Eastern Europe), Potjiekos and Phutu (South Africa), Bedourie (Australia), Braadpan and Sudderpan (Netherlands).

After use, Dutch Pots are typically cleaned with boiling water and a brush (no soap). Once dry, they should then be given a thin coating of cooking oil to prevent rusting. Mustard oil provides a high-temperature resistance, but vegetable oil is also commonly used. Dutch Pots should be stored in a clean, dry location with the lid ajar or off to promote air circulation. If stored with the lid on, a paper towel should be placed inside to absorb any moisture.

With care, the Tropical Sun Dutch Pot should serve your family for many years! 

Please note: the Tropical Sun Dutch Pot cannot be used on an induction hob. 

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Customer Reviews

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Sandra Owusu
I didn't even recieve the item!!!!!

I have been emailing Trooical Sun of evidence where this was delivered because it certainly wasn't delivered to me!!!! I keep getting asked to write a review but nobody is addressing the issue!

Stephanie Bendall
Haven’t received item

I have yet to receive my item so am unable to review it

Illusive Customer Services

Dutch pot was larger than expected, which was a bonus. However, it arrived with slight damage to the interior and lid. Email was sent to Tropical Sun to advise that it was damaged, as well as damage to another item included in the order, yet no response to date. Had they bothered to respond, I would have given them a 4 star rating.

Gavin gore
As described.

All the information on the website regarding sizes, material it's made from, where it won't work. Seems study well made, not used yet. Just cleaning and oiling, but all seems spot on so far!

Marsha Dyer
Great size

Doing the job it built for👍

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