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Corned Mutton - Halal

Corned Mutton - Halal

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Corned mutton is a canned meat delicacy. Mutton is the meat from an older sheep (lamb is from a sheep younger than 1 year old). It is fattier than lamb has a gamey taste to it and if you don’t like the flavor of lamb overall, this might be too intense of a taste for you. The canning process essentially starts by cooking the mutton first then placing in a brine to prevent spoilage. The salt in the brine is what makes any corned meat have a very salty taste. The pink color also comes from the corning salt/brine solution and maintains that pink colour even after being cooked, again. This whole process is the same for corned beef. Sometimes known in the West Indies as “bully beef” (bouilli, French for “boil”).

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Interested to purchase

I am a wholesaler in st.Maarten want to purchase this product from you company please advise on purchasing my WhatsApp +17215241010.

Mark Wiles
A nice alternative to Corned Beef

I discovered the joy of Corned Mutton following a BBC programme on the corner shop! I love it, it has subtle taste, and like corned beef is versatile. Obviously, being sheep based, it's slightly more fatty, and as such will be better kept in the fridge if you want to slice it, otherwise it can be a bit mushy, but if you like tinned Corned Beef, give this a try. Service from Tropical Sun is usually quick and painless too

Monica Gibson
Corn mutton

Very tasty

Tara Jagroop

Excellent customer service and excellent product

Jay R
Poor quality, weird texture.

Have had corned mutton from New Zealand lamb and the meat in this has a weird texture. I was expecting it to be more stringy and a better fat content.

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