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Cassava Flour

Cassava Flour

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Cassava is Africa’s most versatile staple. In Africa, a wide variety of cassava-based dishes are consumed. Even the waste gotten from cassava processing can be recycled into animal feed, glue, and ingredients for pharmaceuticals.<br><br>Cassava is a woody shrub that is mainly cultivated for its edible starchy root. A native to South America, cassava was introduced to Africa in the 16th Century by Portuguese traders. Since then cassava has grown to become a staple food for most African countries.<br><br>Apart from its versatility, cassava is relatively easy to grow. It thrives on poor soils with low rainfall. It is also a perennial crop with a wide harvesting window. Its non-seasonal nature makes it a resourceful crop to cultivate. Currently, Nigeria remains the largest producer of cassava.<br><br>So what makes cassava versatile? The reason is obvious. Unlike other staple foods, there are lots of cassava-based dishes eaten in Africa.

Tropical Sun Cassava flour is made from freshly harvested Cassava tubers(roots). The fresh roots are then washed, peeled, grated, and blended into a paste-like consistency where it is then filtered, dried, and sifted into flour.

Our Cassava flour is all-natural with NO additives, or chemicals used throughout the production process.


Cassava Flour (100%).

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Dietary information

  • Vegetarian
  • Vegan
  • Gluten Free
  • Wheat Free
  • Nut Free

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
I might as well have been chewing sand! Awful!

I was looking forward to my banana fritters with this cassava flour, what an absolute disappointment, it felt like I was chewing small grains of sand or glass-I don’t know what kind of conditions this flour is made in, but it must be full of sand and little stones, I shall never buy this brand and I wouldn’t advise anybody to either-waste of money!

Patrick Alobwede
Cassava Flour

I gave the wrong review for this product earlier today. Sincerely sorry. To be honest, the quality of the cassava flour is excellent. I was also very pleased with the packaging too. Hence, all came intact. Highly recommended.
I also understood today that the reason the cassava chips were not delivered to me was because they were out of stock. Going through my bank account, I also noticed that the cost of the chips was refunded to me, but without any communication. Hence, my recommendation is for Tropical sun to communicate a bit more with its customers. This will crown the great service they are providing to us.

Patrick Alobwede
Poor customer service

While the cassava floor was delivered, the 12 packs of cassava chips which were part of the order were not delivered. Despite the fact that I informed the seller, he/she has not come back to me with any explanation nor a refund. I am very disappointed, as I see this as a form of duping.

Alexander Clark
Good place for original product

Affordable price , genuinely product

Josie Lebile-Holo
Very good product

Well made. Good quality.

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