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Dutch Pot

Dutch Pot

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Ethnic cuisine has been influenced by many and in times of old, most of the cooking was done outdoors. A solid and heavy pan, supplied with a lid, used daily in many West Indian households, it is known as affectionately as the 'Dutchie', in Asian kitchens it might be known as a "Pateela" - a traditional hard wearing metal pan.

Our round-bottom Dutch pots are perfect for slowly stewing or simmering to produce authentic dishes, full of flavour - somehow the flavours just come out even more when cooking using one of these - we put this down to the textured inside face of the pot that seems to soak up the various flavours and then infuse the meats/veggies that are cooking (we can't claim to understand the science, but can vouch for the taste!).

BBQ: we've had folks using them on their BBQs in the UK - literally you lift off the griddle and place it directly onto the hot coals (use appropriate protection when handling !), add in your spices, meat or veggies, a little liquid and really get cooking with it.

They're hard wearing and seem to impart a really authentic taste to whatever is cooked in them.

The magic is in the making!


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