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Tropical Sun Peas & Beans Tin 400g

Peas & Beans

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Tropical Sun Caribbean Peas & Beans is a mixture of three of the best; Red Kidney Bean, Gungo Peas and Blackeye Beans. This tasty blend can be used to recreate the authentic taste of the Caribbean - Rice and Peas. Or simply add them to your favourite soups, stews or salads for a delicious way to tropicalise your food. Enjoy!Tropical Sun’s Peeled Beans are pre-peeled blackeye beans. They offer convenience and a great taste to help you tropicalise a vast array of international cuisines. Use them to make traditional Nigerian Moyin Moyin or add them to a whole host of Mediterranean classics. You can even use them to add a little something extra to your soups, stews and salads. Enjoy!

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