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Sorrel (Hibiscus) - 100% Natural, Dried

Sorrel (Hibiscus) - 100% Natural, Dried

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An age-old herbal remedy and long-time favourite ingredient of tropical regions worldwide, Sorrel, also known as Hibiscus , is made from dried calyces of the roselle flower.

Commonly used to make drinks, including teas, tonics and festive punches, Sorrel boasts a beautiful ruby red colour and tart, cranberry-like flavour.

In Jamaica, Christmas is not complete without sorrel punch, which is often made with ginger, pimento, sugar and of course, some Jamaican rum. Delicious and guaranteed to fill you with festive cheer!

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juliet ojo
Organic taste

All the items I got have this unique organic taste and flavour. Especially the aloe Vera drinks, hibiscus leaf and also the moringa tea. Looking forward to getting the items on my cart soonest.
True to taste and standard

Dorcas Olomofe
Nice Hibiscus Leaves

I am really pleased with this. So happy to be able to make Zobo drink again after so many years.

♥ Sorrel ♥

This is so delicious hot or cold... Drizzle Honey in the bottom of a teapot if you prefer it sweet. Put the loose Hibiscus Flowers in the centre strainer of the teapot. After pouring the hot water leave it to brew for a while, getting the most out of your flowers.
Drink hot or allow to cool, pour into a litre bottle then chill :-p ♥

Marcia Bridgeman

excellent quality and value for money

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