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Tropical Sun Launch Coconut Water Glass Bottle Range

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Tropical Sun Coconut Water 100% Natural and Coconut Water Drink with Coconut Pieces are now available in sleek 300ml glass bottles!

Tropical Sun Coconut Water Glass Bottle Range

Since 2003, waaay before it was cool, Tropical Sun have been producing the finest coconut water for the thirsty masses. Grown in sunny Thailand and renowned for its fantastic hydration properties, coconut water is often hailed as a super-food and has become a regular feature in the diets of many athletes, families and health-minded food-fanatics.

Tropical Sun Coconut Water Range

Joining the array of cans and cartons already on offer, the glass bottles are perfect alongside a delicious plate of jerk chicken or a heavenly slice of red velvet cake (damn it, now I’m hungry!)

Many say that the coconut water tastes even better out of the glass bottle than out of the can or carton! For maximum refreshment, shake it like a Polaroid picture and serve *ice cold!*

Outkast - Hey Ya - Shake It - Tropical Sun Coconut Water Glass Bottle Range

These are the most delicious coconut waters on the market!

You can order the bottles direct from our shop, or drop us an email for wholesale inquiries.

With love,

The Tropical Sun Family

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