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Does Tropical Sun Own Jamaica Valley?

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As some of our customers may be aware, Tropical Sun has been the subject of a number of fake news stories in recent times, including such rumours as:

  • ‘Tropical Sun does not produce foods in Jamaica’. (We produce many of our most loved products in Jamaica and have done so for nearly three decades, creating hundreds of jobs in the region.)
  • ‘Tropical Sun pretends to be based in Brixton’. (We have never been based in Brixton, nor have we claimed to be. Our company offices are in East London and our Jamaican-owned partner factory is in Central Village, St. Catherine's, Jamaica.)

We are fortunate enough to have many thousands of loyal customers who have raised their families on our foods, and so our business is thankfully robust enough to deal with the consequences of fake news, but other smaller businesses might find it harder.

In recent times, we’ve seen persistent rumours that Tropical Sun owns the brand Jamaica Valley. This, like the rumours above, is entirely untrue. Tropical Sun has no affiliation with Jamaica Valley. In as far as we’re aware, Jamaica Valley are an independent grass-roots business offering exclusively Jamaican products. Whilst there is some overlap with the products we offer, we wish them every success with their business, and want to ensure that the fake news that has been targeted at us does not negatively affect their brand. If you know anyone circulating this particular piece of fake news, then please do send them a link to this blog post. 


To learn more about Jamaica Valley, visit their website https://www.jamaicavalley.com – and if you like what you see, consider placing an order with them. 


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