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Mistaken Identity (It's Not Us, Honestly!)

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Mistaken Identity

Life has a funny way of sneaking up on you sometimes. Over the past few months, we've received emails querying us about a 1 star rating by the Food Standards Agency. The rating belongs to a Tottenham-based grocery store called 'Tropical Sun Food', who, despite sharing our name, have no affiliation to us. 

Tropical Sun Shop FSA Rating - Not Food Brand 

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) run the Food Hygiene Rating Scheme (FHRS) that scores all restaurants, grocers and other similar food businesses on a score of 0 (urgent improvement necessary) to 5 (very good) based on hygiene standards. The scheme is intended to help consumers choose where to eat out or shop for food. As we are a World Foods brand, producing products and not operating restaurants or grocery stores, we do not receive an FSA rating.

For anyone who has understandably thought that the 1 star rating is connected to us - we can assure you, it is not! 

We place the highest priority on hygiene. The factory that produces our seasonings and our distribution depot are both rated Grade A and above in Global Standards for Food Safety by the British Retail Consortium (BRC). Our factory in Central Village, St. Catherine's, Jamaica is HACCP approved and ISO 14001 certified. We produce consumer advice such as the recent 'how to avoid bugs in your dry foods' blog. Hygiene would be our middle name if 'Tropical Hygiene Foods' didn't sound quite so bad!

And so - our love and thanks to the customers who have brought this case of mistaken identity to our attention, to those sharing the truth with anyone who has been confused and to everyone who keeps it clean to the max! 

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